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History and References.

Volker Capito joined POG, one of the most successful MICE companies in Germany. POG is still well known for high quality and best service.

He took over the Head of Conferences, Congresses and Events at POG.

TUI Germany asked him to run the business at TUI Events Erlebnisreise GmbH, a company of world leading tourism organization WORLD of TUI. TUI Germany asked him to run the business at Events Erlebnisreise was concentrated on high performed incentive-trips around the world, organizing large Events and Congresses.

One of the largest and most popular Events, leaded by Volker Capito was the German VIP Club on the MS Deutschland cruise ship, during the Olympic Games at Sydney. 12.000 participants joined the high class Event.

2000 - 2007
Capito Consulting consults for airtours motorsport and airtours incentives. We built up these departments to one of the leading companies for Formula 1 hospitality and Highend-Incentives for the TUI Group. Airtours International was the top tour-operator, just serving 5 and 6-star products all around the world.
Today airtours is a branch of TUI Deutschland. Volker Capito is still consulting airtours incentives and director of corporate business for the TUI.

2003 until 2006
Capito consulting designed different concepts for TUI Group, the leading tour operator worldwide. TUI Sports run under the head of Volker Capito, who managed VIP groups during the Football World Cup in Germany for corporate customers of the TUI Group.
During all that time, his main concern was building up networks all around Asia. He expects there the future market of Conferences, Congresses and VIP Services.
During the preparations of the Football World Cup activities, Volker Capito met (Naam) Boonyagorn Paochinda in Bangkok, who became responsible for most of the marketing strategies for corporate customers. His knowledge in printings on special materials, his ideas and creativity made him a valuable Partner in the whole Project.

Volker Capito and(Naam ) Bonyagorn Paochinda founded the Capito consulting branch in Thailand. From now on the fork was on the South East Asian markets.

The best business year in the history of Capito consulting either in Germany or Thailand. We were involved in an amazing incentive trip of a German company with 2600 people to Nassau, Bahamas and in Thailand we organized the "Paradise Beach Party" for a large brewery.

Volker Capito signed a contract with the Vietnamese leading tour operator TransViet, to create special tours for the German speaking markets and a sales department to handle the incoming requests. Within two years TransViet established themselves as one of the important DMC for major tour operators in German, Austrian and Switzerland.

Volker Capito moved permanently to Thailand, as business was growing up much more than expected. He founded the Bangkok Concierge Service, the most luxury tourism service in the metropolitan city Bangkok.

Bangkok Concierge Service was growing up much faster than expected. The new brand was integrated in the organisation of Asia World Enterprise, one of the leading DMCs in South-East Asia. Within these alliance Volker Capito took over the representative office for Asia world for all German speaking markets, Northern- and East-Europe.

Capito Consulting still act as an independent consultant for the tourism industry. By side the activities with Asia World Enterprise, large MICE projects are handled for European (mainly German speaking) customers in all countries of Indochina.

Capito Consulting - MICE products and services:
Capito Consulting - MICE products and services:
Capito Consulting - MICE products and services:
Capito Consulting - MICE products and services: